Welcome to Scubaventures PADI Open Water Diver course. When taking our class there are several assignments that you will be required to do each session prior to attending class. Failing to meet these requirements will make it impossible for you to complete that class session. If that is the case you will then be required to make up that session at a later date, which will incur additional charges and you will not be able to do the confined water session. Making up the confined water session at a later date will also involve additional charges. Following directions and doing course work on time makes the class easier and less expensive for all.
Class requirements are:
1) When filling out the Medical assessment in you student file folder. If you answer YES to any question. You will be required to get and have you doctor sign off the PADI student medical form as to your fitness for scuba diving. Prior to your first pool dive.  
2) Meet at the assigned location for class at appropriate time. 
3) Read each chapter in the Open Water text book or CD rom and complete (Fill in) the knowledge review at the end of each chapter prior to class. Note that if you are using the book version there is a second book with your materials that you will need to use for chapters 4 and 5 OR complete online course and bring training completion form.
4) Watch the video or CD ROM for the appropriate section prior to class each week.
5) In the event that you need any special scheduling you need to talk to Joe DuBose as soon as possible. Joe is notorious for flexing schedules but is sometimes limited to what is possible and will involve additional charges.
6) You must be comfortable in the water. There is a 200-yard nonstop swimming requirement and a 10-minute tread water (Float / Drown-proof) in the deep water without touching the sides or bottom.
7) Make arrangements after completing confined water training to do your open water training dives. The open water portion of this class must be completed within one year of the start date and if it is over 6 months you will be required to do a pool review (at an additional charge) prior to doing your open water dives.
8) Each student is required to furnish personal equipment (mask, snorkel, fins, wet suit boots and weight belt) appropriate for diving in the local area. We have these available for sale or rent. Note: that some snorkeling equipment is NOT appropriate for this class. Appropriateness of this equipment will be at the discretion of your professional dive instructor.

I understand or have had these requirements explained to my satisfaction, and I received a copy of this statement of understanding.

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