News Letter


Check out the current trip list as it has been updated. I am currently working on some more trips so stay tuned.

If you have not had your Equipment serviced this year now is a good time to get it done before the warm weather gets here and you will be wanting to use it.

A WORD OF CAUTION for those people buying mail order equipment. A lot of the mail order stores are NOT authorized distributors of the equipment that they sell. They are buying from authorized dealers and then reselling the equipment. When this is the case you are buying used equipment with NO warranty by the manufacture. I had a Beuchatt Reg. show up in this store for a free flow problem when it was almost brand new. When I called Beuchatt about it they ask who sold it originally and I told them. (It was a mail order house) They did not honor the warranty as it was not sold by an authorized dealer. There is an old saying, I am sure that you have heard many times before. "Let the buyer beware". The owner of the almost brand new regulator had to pay for the repair. 

If you are shopping for gear and looking at a mail order catalog bring your catalog and come see us we will be competitively priced on equivalent gear and you will have a LOCAL factory trained service technician working on your equipment that is covered by factory warranty.



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