From beginner to expert, we offer dive training courses tailored to your specific needs and interests. Our PADI dive courses are available at a variety of times and places...check our calendar to see our regular schedule, or call us to make special arrangements.  There's something here for everyone who's interested in exploring all the adventures scuba diving offers.


Always wondered whether scuba diving is for you?  Join us for a Discover Scuba introduction to diving. We'll outfit you with real scuba equipment, teach you some basic dive techniques and safety procedures, then take you for a dive in the pool..

It's great fun.  Bring your swim suit, towel and your spirit of adventure. We'll do the rest.  Discover Scuba Intros are held monthly at the Jim Barnett Memorial Pool in Winchester, VA. Check our calendar for dates, and let us know ahead of time when you plan to be there  so we can be sure to have equipment ready for you to dive. Call 540-539-1615 or email to to reserve your space or if you have questions.  


This is where the fun really begins-- the PADI  Open Water Diver Course gives you the skills and knowledge you need to be a  certified, competent, confident beginner  recreational diver, the first step on your road to diving fun and adventure.

Open Water Diver training is done in two parts--academics/confined water training  and open water training. 

In the first portion,  you'll  complete four classroom sessions designed to give you the knowledge and skills  you need to dive wisely and safely. After each classroom session you'll jump in the pool  and start diving. During the pool dives, our highly trained and experienced dive staff give you one-on-one instruction to apply what you've just learned in the classroom. We regularly conduct this training on Wednesday evenings at the Jim Barnett Memorial Park Pool in Winchester, Va,  

(As a mobile dive center we're also able to bring training to you and can arrange to conduct the confined water classes at suitable locations off-site when there are sufficient divers interested. We've done classes at Wisp Resort, Clarke County Pool, Scout camps,  even home pools. Ask for more information .)

(If you're time-challenged, or need flexibility in your class schedule, see "Independent Study" below. We have several options available to meet your needs.)

Once you've mastered the basics in confined water training, you're ready to  graduate from the pool  to real open water, where you'll complete four training dives, usually over two days on a weekend. Depending on the season, and your interests, these dives can either be completed in this area at our training site at Mt. Storm Lake, WV, or can be accomplished on one of our instructor escorted trips in the Florida Keys or Caribbean.. 

On completion of your open water dives, you'll be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver, ready to begin your diving adventures here and abroad with skill and confidence. 

The open water course fee includes tuition, textbook, training log, dive table, and certification fees . Also included are air fills, scuba equipment (except personal items), and pool fees. You'll need to provide personal equipment such as mask, snorkel, fins, boots, and a weight belt. These items must be of suitable quality to withstand the diving environment--some snorkeling gear may not be acceptable. We stock  a complete line of scuba gear, including personal items  , for purchase at very competitive prices. A very limited supply of equipment is available for rental..

Course fee $599.00**

**You may see OW courses advertised for less.  Generally, that's because they do not include the total package we offer.  When comparing, be sure to ask whether the course fee includes fees for pool or open water site admission, additional charges for open water dive instruction, etc. Give us a call and we'll be happy to help you compare packages.


If it's difficult for you to make a commitment to weekly classes, we can arrange an independent study program to fit your schedule. You'll use the textbook and video to complete the academic portion on your own, then arrange a convenient time to meet with  instructor to review your work and complete the final test. Pool dive training will, of course, need to be completed by special arrangement on four Wednesday nights we're at the Jim Barnett Memorial Pool, and your open water training dives either at Mt. Storm Lake or on a dive travel trip. We'll make every attempt to accommodate your schedule. Call us at 540-5391615 to discuss possibilities.

Course fee:  $599.00,


The PADI Advanced Open Water offers new, and experienced open water divers the opportunity to bring your diving skills to a new level of mastery so you can fully enjoy all that diving has to offer. For example, the Advanced certification  lets you dive to new depths--130 feet instead of the 60 foot limit for open water divers. You'll can fine-tune  buoyancy and navigation or boat diving skills so you'll be comfortably in control when you take advantage of dive travel opportunities.

To participate in the PADI Advanced Open Water program you must be a certified open water diver. You'll do 5 dives under instructor supervision, with only a minimal amount of class time. Your dives will include a deep dive,  navigation dive, and three elective dives decided by you and your instructor based on your interests.

Your Advanced OW dives can be completed at our Mt. Storm Lake training site, or on any of our scheduled dive trips to the Keys or the Caribbean.

The course fees include textbook, slate,  certification card and instructor supervision at the dive site. There are NO additional charges. (Some dive centers offer a lower initial price, but charge extra for your dives.) 

Equipment required for this class includes full scuba equipment w/ alternate air source, compass, dive knife, dive watch or bottom timer, and a whistle. Scuba tanks and refills are available at the dive site. By this time, you'll probably have purchased your own scuba equipment, but we do have a limited supply of rental gear. You will, of course, have to provide your own mask, fins, snorkel, boots and weight belt.

Course fee $295.00


The PADI rescue diver course prepares you to help prevent, and if necessary, manage dive emergencies, minor and major, with a variety of techniques. What you learn not only helps you help others, it also emphasizes self-rescue techniques and will greatly improve your skill and confidence as a diver.  If you're serious about diving, this course is a must.

You must be certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver and have completed an Emergency First Responder course to participate in Rescue Diver training. The course requires both intensive classroom study and open water exercises where you'll practice handling a number of real-life emergency scenarios.

You'll need full scuba equipment w/ alternate air source, dive knife, compass, and a whistle. Course fees include book, dive accident slate, certification card as well your two-day open water exercises with tanks and air refills. 

Course fee $195.00


Often, life versus death or complete recovery versus long-term disability lies with a layperson first responder providing care between the emergency's onset and the arrival of professional medical personnel. The PADI EFR course teaches basic first aid, CPR and AED (Automated Electronic Defibrillation)  so you can assist an injured person until emergency medical services can arrive. This course, which will serve you well in everyday life as well as in diving,  is a prerequisite for many of the more advanced PADI courses such as Rescue Diver. Course fees include all books and materials, plus hands-on training in emergency techniques. After completion you will receive a PADI EFR certification  good for two years.

**This course is not limited to divers, but available also to any interested individuals.

Course fee $125.00