Driving Directions to Mt. Storm (VEPCO) Lake from Winchester, VA Rt. 50 West going toward Romney WV. When you get to Romney you are about half way there from Winchester VA. This is a good place to take a trip break. There is a McDonalds (Opens at 7:00 AM) and just past McDonalds is a Sheetz convenience store (24 hrs.) (Gas, Fresh sandwiches, Restrooms, Etc.). Continue on Rt. 50 Thru Burlington on Rt. 50. About 10 miles past Burlington you will find Rt. 93 on your left. Make the left on 93 to the town of Scherer and a T intersection (About 14 miles.) Make a right at this intersection. This will be Rt. 93 & 42. Follow this to the top of the mountain (About 4 miles) There will be a Liberty Station\ convenience store. Make a left at the Liberty Station (This again is Rt. 93) when you start seeing water start watching to your left. There will be a sign that says public boat ramp. Make a left there. If you pass a retaining wall on your left, see a retaining wall behind you and have the power plant in front of you and water behind you then went to far. Turn around and go back the retaining wall will now be on your right as is the sign you missed the first time. Please make the right at the public boat ramp sign. If you get back to the Liberty Station again STOP!! And ask questions.!!!!  Just prior to the lake We will be in the BIG red Scubaventures trailer.